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Wuzhou Bevis Jewelry Co., Ltd found  in 2005, As the intention we found this company years ago, we should help the people here improve their life, by now our factory have been running over 14 years.  Bevis Jewelry Co., Ltd sited in Wuchou city which is the trading and manufacturing capital of synthetic gemstones globally.

Wuchou is a small city whose  public facilities are extremely underdeveloped. The people here developed the synthetic gems from 1980, then it is the mainstay industry of Wuzhou city naturally, and it share 80% sector production of China and 70% of the world. Here we have a specialized production base and sound supply chain which make sure we can offer you the wide range of synthetic gems and best quality. 

ZIRMOND is privacy brand of our synthetic gems and finished jewelry products. We has strong production and R&D team. By now, we have been in this field about 14 years, we have many craftsmen full of experience which ensure the quality of products. We can offer both of hand made and machine cut products. Thanks to the creative R&D team, we earn much reputation on quality and offer jeweler with best cutting solutions for their special requirements.

ZIRMOND are expert in synthetic gems as below, Cubic Zirconia, Moissanite, Created Emerald, and Synthetic Corundum. At the same time, we can offer Synthetic Spinel, Nano, Glass etc.

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Wuzhou Bevis Jewelry Co., Ltd
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