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About Us

Zirmond is a brand of Wuzhou City Bivis Trading Co., Ltd located in Wuzhou which is the center place of man-made gems and supplies 70% world’s man-made gems.
Zirmond is experted in high end lab grown gems. Our product lines include lab grown ruby, lab grown sapphire, lab grown emerald, lab grown alexandrite, lab grown spinel, lab grown opal, moissanite, etc. All rough materials are valued and also are used in high tech sectors, like semiconductors, lasers, optical, medical, watches, etc.
All the loose stones are gem grade which is excellent cutting and polished, hand selected, and rigorously inspected through 20X loupe, every one is 3A quality. All the regular shapes and sizes are available in stock or make to order.
Make to order is a most important part of our service. Baseed on the flexible teamwork, make to order is welcomed especially for some special designs. This will free customers’ and designers’ imaginations, and make their dream jewelry come true.
Let’s be your partner, diminish your inventory, welcome special design orders, make dream jewelry come true, and earn more customers’ trust. Merchandise is valuable, service is inestimable.

E: sales@zirconiadiamond.com
M: +86 18565760545
T: +86 0774-5822670
ADD: NO. E33, 1 Mall, 5th Floor No. 69 Xihuan Mid Rd, Wanxiu Dist Wuzhou City Guangxi Province, 543001 CN


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