Lab Grown Gems

Man-made gems are described as lab grown, lab created, synthetic, imitation, and simulated, they are confusing many people. According to AGTA codes, imitation is a simulant, which is defined as a man-made single- crystal product that is used to simulate the appearance, but not duplicate the characteristic properties of the natural gemstone it imitates. The synthetic is that have essentially the same optical, physical, and chemical properties as a naturally occurring counterpart. In all cases, stones must be referred to as “synthetic ruby,” “laboratory grown sapphire,” or “lab-created emerald,” etc. All our lab grown gems have the same characteristic properties as their natural gems. In other words, lab grown ruby, lab grown sapphire lab grown emerald, lab grown alexandrite, lab grown spinel, lab grown opal and other lab grown gems are chemically, physically, and optically identical to their mined counterparts. They aren’t fake or simulated. The difference is that the lab grown items are grown in the labs instead of Earth’s mantle.

The growth process of lab grown ruby is environmentally friendly, and it is ethical without any conflict. In addition, lab grown gems are much more clean than natural gems, and the play of fire is super. On the other hand, the supply of natural gems is limited, moreover, its mining is destroying the environment. The lab grown gems are affordable and of good quality, it is available in any shape and size so they can meet all designs of jewelry, so people can have their dream jewelry. In contrast, good quality natural ruby is too expensive and the choice is very limited, it is difficult to have a preferred stone.

The growth methods of lab grown gems are Czochralski, Flux, Hydrothermal, and Verneuil, etc. Czochralski growth is the most economical way to have high-quality, large, and pure lab grown gems, The growth time is moderate, but the facilities are expensive, the crystals are commonly used in the laser, semiconductor, medical equipment, and watch & jewelry industry. Flux growth and Hydrothermal take a very long time and the facilities are very expensive, so the cost is very high, Hydrothermal growth crystals are thin and have many fractures and inclusion. Verneruil growth is the fastest and cheapest way to have lab grown gem crystals but the quality isn’t good.

We are supplying Czochralski(pulled) growth lab grown ruby, lab grown sapphire, lab grown alexandrite, lab grown spinel, etc. The lab grown emerald is a Hydrothermal method growth, both Colombian color and Zambian colors are available. The lab grown opal is grown by precipitation method. In a word, all the lab grown gems are high-end gem grade, and they value the price.

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